Peppa Pig Joins the World of Podcasting Exclusively with Audible

28.5.2024 BRANDORA

Audible, a leading provider of spoken word entertainment, has today announced PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast, the first release as part of a podcasting deal between Audible and leading toy and game company, Hasbro.

Building on the cherished legacy of PEPPA PIG, this podcast invites listeners into Peppa’s world with six episodes, each spanning 15 minutes. Voiced by Amelie Bea Smith as Peppa Pig, the podcast features Peppa and her pals in a mix of fun interactive games, outdoor adventures, and even catchy sing-alongs with her sensational new band, The Piggy-Wigs. Whether it’s a companion during car rides or a calming wind-down before bedtime, PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast guarantees an immersive experience for the whole family.

PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast provides another medium through which Peppa can inspire confidence and foster development in pre-schoolers. As a lifelong friend, PEPPA PIG encourages kids to jump in together and explore the world around them, while instilling a powerful confidence to treat every first step as a new adventure – from the everyday to the epic. Specifically designed for families with preschool children in mind, PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast is the perfect way to introduce toddlers and young children to the rich world of podcasts and audio-first entertainment.

Themes in the podcast, including ‘Are We There Yet’, an episode supporting pre-schoolers on long journeys, and an episode about anger titled ‘Very Big Feelings’, are designed specifically to help families with pre-schoolers recognise and navigate their big emotions.

Aurelie de Troyer, Head of Regional Content Europe at Audible said: “It’s been wonderful collaborating with team at Hasbro to bring PEPPA’s first ever podcast to our audiences, on this special anniversary year for the iconic show. Having PEPPA behind the mic at Audible’s London studios was an absolute delight.

As the beloved animated show celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, Hasbro and Audible are proud to bring Peppa and her diverse playgroup to a whole new world of audio-first entertainment with rich storytelling for all family listening occasions, reaffirming Peppa’s commitment to providing quality entertainment for families.

Kristin McKay, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Brands, Fashion & Preschool at Hasbro said: “For 20 years, PEPPA has been the first best friend of children around the globe, inspiring them to confidently jump into all of life’s muddy puddles. She’s come to life on screens and in books, along with through engaging toys and live experiences. Now, with Audible, we’re proud to deliver even more ways for fans and families to connect with their favourite piggy with podcasts to bring PEPPA wherever they are.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and explore with Peppa like never before with PEPPA PIG’s Play-A-Long Podcast, exclusively on Audible from 11th July and available to pre-order now at Audible membership may be required.

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